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What is Gothic Jewelry?

Gothic jewelry and pieces inspired by all things Gothic, are a must have for any proper lady.

Torture Couture is the leading design force behind feminine and edgy, yet trendy, Gothic jewelry and Gothic inspired pieces. Although Torture Couture is inspired by alternative, vintage and Lolita fashion as well, Gothic inspired elements tend to make it into many of the pieces.


Now what does 'gothic jewelry' mean anyway?

When dressing the part of a 'Gothic' person, having the right Gothic jewelry accessories is key. Knowing what defines Gothic jewelry can help you pull together a complete Gothic look. Most would say Gothic jewelry is simply jewelry that is from, or inspired by the Gothic period or, more recently, jewelry inspired by the punk look. Most would define Gothic jewelry as usually silver and/or black and including crosses, skulls and various Gothic symbols. However, Gothic inspiration is much more intricate than that.

Gothic jewelry is supposed to consists mainly of pieces that exemplify extravagance and darkness. Better definitions of Gothic jewelry describe it as any jewelry that may be darker in nature than most. This is a much more broad, and forgiving definition of the term because in some cases, Gothic jewelry simply looks bolder and more dramatic than other forms of jewelry.

In order to further understand the way Gothic jewelry looks, one must understand the history of the Gothic era. During the Gothic era of history, jewelry became more extravagant than it once was. People wore many rings at a time, as well as many chains and brooches. Gothic jewelry designs of the era included imagery such as crosses and fleurs-de-lis. Yet some Gothic jewelry also featured other items of darker subject matter, such as coffins and skulls as mentioned above.

In addition, unlike the first, misinformed definition above, the materials used in both modern and vintage Gothic jewelry are not restricted to just black and silver. Instead, jewel tones, like ruby, emerald and amethyst were also found in Gothic jewelry in the form of stones. Also used, in addition to typical silver settings, were bronze-like metals as seen in today's "steam-punk" trend. Examples of popular pieces within Gothic culture include slave bracelets, poison rings and chokers. Many of these examples of Gothic jewelry can be described as costume jewelry in today's modern world.

Now, if silver, black, cross and skull Gothic jewelry is what you want, then we have got you covered!

Torture Couture is striving to be one of the best places for shopping online for your favorite Gothic jewelry. Our Gothic jewelry is handmade and made out of all the fun, unique, materials you can think of. From resin skulls, and sparkly crosses to vampires and REAL animal skulls Torture Couture does it all, including custom pieces as well!. Torture Couture Gothic jewelry has a large selection to choose from, so please take some time and browse through the site and take in all the pretty things! We have alternative accessories, Gothic jewelry, Gothic necklaces, Gothic rings, spiked cuffs, hair accessories and much more! Make Torture Couture your number one source for all your Gothic jewelry needs.